If this is your first time coming in I look forward to meeting you. If it's been a while since you came in, Welcome Back!

Please schedule using the booknow button located to the right. My schedule is available real time. Meaning you'll see all the available appointments I have when you schedule. If have trouble finding something that works for you feel free to send me an email.

When scheduling select the option that fits your purchase. (Groupon Swedish, Prenatal, or Bamboo)

Please note my availability is limited. Before purchasing please check my online scheduler (to the right) click the "book now" button for my availability. To allow availability for my current clients Groupon Appointments are not offered during the week at 4:30pm or later. If this is the only time you are interested in I apologize but will unfortunately not be a good fit for you. Please contact Groupon for a refund of your voucher. 

Take a screen shot of your voucher to bring with you to the appointment. Generally I'm able to pull up your voucher with your name but every now and then I'm not able to. Screen shots will prevent us wasting your valuable appointment time trying to locate your voucher.

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment for a quick intake and a chance to use the restroom should you need to. You can come earlier but I wont be able to take you sooner. Please note if your appointment is the first after lunch (1:30pm) the door will be locked. Don't panic I'll let you in at 1:20. Thanks for respecting my lunch time. 

Deep tissue is not available with Groupons. Massages are hard on my hands and arms to give. If you'd like to upgrade to Deep Pressure there will be a $45 charge above the cost of the Groupon. 

Vouchers are limited to one per person and are limited to customers not seen in the last 6 months. I love welcoming back clients who haven't been in a while and also the chance to earn new clients but I can't run my business with $35 massages. Please respect the limit. 

If your voucher has expired please make a note of that for me under notes. Your voucher will always be good for the amount paid ($35) and is good towards any massage I offer. 

I ask that you schedule your appointment before the expiration. Meaning if your voucher expires July 15, you should go online and schedule the appointment before thd 15th but the physical appointment can be for after that date. (Ex: I scheduled an appointment for 7/22 but my voucher expired 7/15. I set up the appointment before the 15th but the date I come is after the 15th.) 

***Please note that if you have to cancel and reschedule after your voucher has expired it is now good for the amount paid and no longer the promotional value. If you have questions please ask. Don't wait until after the expiration date.